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Some photographs of Istria from recent and previous visits…. All images online @

The main square and the church of St Stephen, in the medieval hill town of Motovun, Istria, Croatia

The medieval hill town of Draguc, used as a location in several Croatian and international films, Istria, Croatia

The famous ‘Dance of the Dead’ scene, one of the 15th century frescoes at the church of St Mary of the Rocks, Beram, Istria, Croatia

Shop selling truffles in Motovun, Istria, Croatia

The exceptionally well preserved Roman amphitheatre at Pula (among the six largest in the world, and dating from the 1st century AD), Istria, Croatia

Roman amphitheatre at Pula, Istria, Croatia

The first sculpture on the ‘Glagolitic Alley’ (the road between Roc and Hum) is the Glagolitic letter ‘S’, Istria, Croatia

Serving the locally brewed ‘Favorit’ beer the evening before the Subotina festival, Buzet, Istria, Croatia

Th Sculac family from near Motovun, selling traditional hand made baskets at the Subotina festival, 12 September 2010, in the medieval hill town of Buzet, Istria, Croatia

All images copyright Rudolf Abraham.

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