Hikers descending towards Most na Soči, Juliana Trail, Slovenia © Rudolf Abraham

The Juliana Trail

Beyond Triglav – going the distance in Slovenia’s Julian Alps

The Juliana Trail is an outstanding new long-distance hiking route through the breathtakingly beautiful Julian Alps in Slovenia, which makes a 270km circuit around the country’s highest and most iconic mountain, Triglav. Intended to reduce overcrowding and trail erosion on Triglav, the Juliana encourages visitors to stay longer and explore the surrounding area (which after all is equally beautiful, even if it is a few metres lower than that mountain’s 2,864m summit), with an emphasis very much on slow travel and sustainability.

The route takes in several less well-known areas (with the obvious benefit of spreading the revenue generated from outdoor and adventure tourism further than a two-day blitz on the country’s highest summit), and each stage was designed to be accessible by public transport (after all, isn’t it better not to bring a car into an area of beautifully unspoilt nature?). More visitors using public transport, including local bus services, has the additional benefit of helping keep those local services alive for locals to use.

Juliana Trail Guidebook

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Sustainable Tourism in Slovenia

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