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Páramo Maui Trousers Review by Rudolf Abraham

Páramo’s Maui hiking trousers are hands down the best hiking/travelling trousers I’ve ever owned – lightweight, comfortable, quick drying and supremely hardwearing, with roomy cargo pockets (including a useful pocket-in-a-pocket, the right size for a phone in a waterproof case). The material, Nikwax Cotton+ (a blend of cotton and synthetic fibres), feels extremely comfortable against the skin, much more so than synthetic hiking trousers I’ve used from other brands (including The North Face and Columbia), and remains cool through long hot days of hiking. The belt, as on all Páramo legwear I’ve used, is excellent – simple, lightweight and effective, and it doesn’t slip.

The option of a long as well as a regular fit is very welcome – I’m quite tall, and the long is a perfect length for me. And – a simple enough idea you’d think, but genius imho – if you roll them up a couple of turns or even to below the knees (effectively converting them to a long pair of shorts), they don’t roll down again of their own accord despite walking for hours and hours, meaning there’s no need for fiddly zip-off legs (or the associated broken zips).

I’ve worn and own the first and second generation of these trousers (dark grey and capers respectively), one of the most immediately obvious differences being the change from buttons on the pockets in the earlier version, to Velcro in the mark II version. I actually liked the buttons slightly more, though I have no objection to the Velcro, and there’s no denying the speed/convenience of Velcro tabs when it comes to getting into a pocket to grab something in a hurry.

As with all Páramo gear, the ethics and environmental commitment are outstanding – their clothing is PFC-free (as is their whole supply chain), the company has a long-term partnership with the Miquelina Foundation in Bogotá, Colombia (which provides work opportunities, training and experience as well as homes and childcare for vulnerable members of the local population), and the garmet is fully recyclable through Páramo.

Find out more about the Páramo Maui Trousers here.

Review date: October 2021 | Back to reviews

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