50mm f/1.4G

Walthamstow market (2)

Two more ‘old’ (both from June 2009) shots of Walthamstow market, London E17, which I re-edited recently Both shot with a D300 (my weapon of choice at that time) and a 50/1.4G (still a weapon of choice). Photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

Veceslav Holjevac sunset

Sculpture of Većeslav Holjevac (former Partisan soldier and Mayor of Zagreb) near the River Sava in Zagreb, Croatia Photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

Beram – Dance of the Dead

A little west of the central Istrian town of Pazin, just outside the tiny village of Beram, the Church of St Mary of the Rocks contains an outstanding cycle of 15th century frescoes, which few visitors to Croatia ever see, or even hear of. The work of a certain Vincent of Kastav, the frescoes date …

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Croatian miscellany #11

Fragment of a 1st-2nd century AD Medusa found near Umag, now in the Temple of Jupiter in Pula. Istria, May 2012. Photo # Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

Croatian miscellany #1

As I’m beginning to plan another trip to Croatia over the coming months (actually at least two trips – Istria in a few weeks to begin work on a new guidebook for Bradt; and Zadar, Zagreb, several islands and quite a few other places a month or two after that, for other projects), I thought …

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