big egg hunt

Big eggs (2)

More shots from the Big Egg Hunt ( in London a few weeks ago. All from EC2 again (in most cases, same eggs, different faces…). #49 ‘Birdie’, in front of the Gherkin (30 St Mary Axe) #66 ‘Zero is…’ #53 ‘Blooming azure’ #160 ‘Leap’ #131 ‘The Vessel’ #55 ‘Metropolis’ #68 ‘From little acorns, mighty oaks …

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Big eggs

A few shots of, well… big eggs. Earlier this year, the Big Egg Hunt ( saw over 200 giant Easter eggs, each different and the work of individual designers and artists, placed around London. The following were all in the City, around Bishopsgate area (and it was while photographing these that I stumbled very unexpectedly …

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