Doudou (3)

Halberd-bearer outside the Collegiate Church of Sainte-Waudru, during the ‘Doudou‘ (Ducasse de Mons), Mons, Belgium (14 June 2014). © Rudolf Abraham Nikon D700 & 50/1.4G Photo copyright © Rudolf Abraham. All rights reserved. Images may not be copied, stored, distributed or published in any form without prior written permission from Rudolf Abraham. To license this …

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Doudou, Mons (2)

Later this month the city of Mons in Belgium will take the title European Capital of Culture 2015, but the single greatest event in its annual calendar is undoubtedly the ‘Doudou’ (Ducasse du Mons) – the ritual combat with and ‘slaying’ of a giant processional dragon in the town square, frankly one of the wildest …

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Doudou, Mons (1)

Doudou (Ducasse de Mons), Mons, Belgium (14 June 2014). The Doudou is a traditional festival held in the town of Mons, on the weekend of Trinity Sunday, in which a large, elaborately decorated gold casket said to contain the relics of St Waudru is paraded through the town, and culminating in the ritual combat with, …

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