Walthamstow market (2)

Two more ‘old’ (both from June 2009) shots of Walthamstow market, London E17, which I re-edited recently Both shot with a D300 (my weapon of choice at that time) and a 50/1.4G (still a weapon of choice). Photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

Beram – Dance of the Dead

A little west of the central Istrian town of Pazin, just outside the tiny village of Beram, the Church of St Mary of the Rocks contains an outstanding cycle of 15th century frescoes, which few visitors to Croatia ever see, or even hear of. The work of a certain Vincent of Kastav, the frescoes date …

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Bratislava (2)

More shots from Bratislava, Slovakia. Bratislava Castle (Bratislavsky hrad) ‘Cumil’, by Viktor Hulik, was the first of several humorous statues which now grace the streets of the Slovak capital Bratislava Castle (Bratislavsky hrad) ‘Paparazzi’ ‘Schoene Naci’ (‘Handsome Ignatius’, based on local resident Ignac Lamar), on the Korzo St Michael’s Gate (Michalska brana), the last surviving …

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Velka Fatra National Park, Slovakia

A few shots from Velka Fatra National Park, Slovakia, where I’ve spent the last few days with Biosphere Expeditions, monitoring wolf, lynx and wildcat populations in the national park. The temperature dropped to around -20 degrees C when we started following a trail up the western side of the valley this morning (moderating to ‘only’ …

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