Ala Daglar (2)

More images from the Ala Daglar mountains in eastern Turkey
Travelling with pack horses in the Kara Yalak Vadesi

Camp below Direktas

Evening light in the Yedi Goller (‘Seven Lakes’) basin

These images were taken just after I started working on a new trekking guidebook to eastern Turkey – a project which was subsequently put on hold while I finished work on a book on Torres del Paine in Patagonia, and became a dad (it’s not an area I would be able to work on in short trips). Hopefully I’ll pick up work on this again next year….
This particular visit to the Ala Daglar was the only time I’ve trekked with pack animals and guides, not because of any inherent difficulties in the area (it wasn’t my first visit) but because I needed to be familiar with some of the local guides and trekking agencies in order to be able to recommend them – or not – in the guidebook. In any case, I can highly recommend Demavend Travel for anyone who wants a guided trek through these mountains.
Photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

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11 years ago

I like very much the first picture !

11 years ago

Wonderful place, wonderful photos. And I guess, wonderful guides..