The wandering image (part 2)

So here we are again – another reverse image search for copyright infringements (often called ‘image theft’) – and another dull, time consuming round of emails to follow these up…. This photo of Montenegro’s Boka Kotorska, taken back in 2006, continues to be used and reused without my permission more than any other that I’ve taken. Here’s a screen grab from just one search term (each thumbnail is a separate infringement):
Montenegro travel photography Rudolf Abraham Kotor Bay
There’s a useful summary of UK copyright law as it applies to images and text used online on the OWPG website – here.

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alessandro ciapanna
11 years ago

Shame, Rudolf. Did they remove the watermark or was there none to begin with?

I hope you don’t let them get away with this – that’s a lot of unauthorized use right there…

11 years ago

How terrible. More and more people don’t know or don’t care about copyrights…