Merry Christmas

To all the readers of this blog and Croatian Miscellany – thanks for following – with best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Millstatter Alpe Adria Trail Austria photography Rudolf Abraham
Millstätter Alpe after October snow, Carinthia, Austria, on the 750km Alpe Adria Trail.
Nikon D700 & 24/3.5 PC-E
Photo copyright © Rudolf Abraham. All rights reserved. Images may not be copied, stored, distributed or published in any form without prior written permission from Rudolf Abraham.
To license this image or view more images of the Alpe Adria Trail click here.

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8 years ago

Merry Christmas to you too, Rudolph!
Beat wishes for the New Year.

8 years ago

Merry Christmas to you toto, Rudolph. Nice photo! I wonder a bit about the chains, but I guess it is to protect the cross from the mountain winds.