Rudolf Abraham

Zadar sunset

Watching the sunset from the Greetings to the Sun art installation on the waterfront in Zadar, Croatia Photo © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.


‘~Flow’ is a tidemill on the River Tyne, which generates its own power using a tidal waterwheel, and converts this into sounds and data though various instruments. Electro-acoustic musical alchemy…. ~Flow was created by Owl Project and Ed Carter, and is moored by Newcastle’s Millenium Bridge until 16 September – see for more information. …

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Flooding in Newcastle

The weather in Newcastle was fine for most of the Bridges Festival, with the exception of the occasional shower. Then very, very suddenly on Sunday afternoon – just after photographing the giant print made by Northern Print and the ‘Stupendous Steamroller’ (see previous post), and just before I was due to walk back uphill from …

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