Northern Print and the Stupendous Steamroller

More photos from the Bridges Festival, Newcastle Gateshead (Sunday 5 August 2012).
Near the Tyne Bridge, Northern Print make a giant linocut print with help from the ‘stupendous steamroller’, Coquet Lass. The steamroller, which was built in 1899, worked on the roads around Rothbury, Northumberland, and was restored over a 14 year period from 1987 by David Walker of Hartburn, near Rothbury. The lino was cut at The Sage on Saturday.

David Walker in the cab of Coquet Lass

A quick clean

Inking up

Getting ready to print – a sheet of canvas is unrolled over the inked lino, and boards placed over this before being ‘pressed’ by Coquet Lass

The steamroller in action (David is joined in the cab by his son)

Lifting the first print

Holding up the finished print

The first print is hung on a railing and covered with a protective film

Second print

The final print(s) will be exhibited at the Northern Print gallery in the Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle.
Photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

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11 years ago

Quite the process! A great series.