Rouge Nez

German naval observation tower at Rouge Nez, on the northwest coast of Jersey – part of the German system of fortifications built on the Channel Islands during the Second World War. Jersey, Channel Islands, UK This is one of three such observation towers built on Jersey (several more were planned), and along with bunkers, gun …

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Istrian interlude

Three images from the central part of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia, all taken (in blazing heat, I might add) with a D700 and a 24mm f/3.5 PC-E. Late afternoon sun on a building in Vižinada, near Motovun Kaštel Grimani (Grimani Castle), one of the largest and best preserved castles in Istria, in Svetvinčenat Medieval …

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Croatian miscellany #10

St Jacob’s cathedral (Sv Jakov), a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the finest Renaissance building in Croatia, built between 1431 and 1535 by the architects Juraj Dalmatinac and Nikola Firentinac. Sibenik, September 2010. Photo © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

Croatian miscellany #7

Street in Diocletian’s Palace (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), with wooden bracing between buildings, Split, February 2011 Photo © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

Croatian miscellany #6

The Church of the Archangel St Michael (Sv Mihaela Arkandela) in Tvrda, the old citadel in Osijek, October 2010 Photo © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.