Windows to the soul

Another shot of the distinctive ‘eyelid’ windows in Sibiu, Transylvania. Photo © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

Prejmer, Transylvania

The fortified church at Prejmer, just north of Brasov, is one of several such buildings stretching across the southern part of Transylvania which form part of the region’s rich Saxon heritage. The Saxons, originally from Germany, were invited to settle in the area – and defend it from attack by the Mongols, and later the …

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Victorian Turkish bath

Victorian Turkish bath in Bishopsgate Churchyard, just off Old Broad Street, London EC2, UK. Built in 1895 by Henry and James Forder Nevill, it miraculously survived both the Blitz of World War 2 and the massive property redevelopment of this area since the 1970s. Hidden away off the main street and surrounded by a sea …

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Hidden Europe article on Croatia’s Lonjsko polje and Turopolje

Posavina. Croatia’s Lonjsko polje and Turopolje Rudolf Abraham is the perfect guide to the wetlands of north-east Croatia, as we join him on a tour of the Lonjsko polje region with its distinctive wooden architecture and storks’ nests. The villages of Lonjsko polje — Cigoc, Krapje, Lonja and others — stretch along the left bank …

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