Lonjsko polje floods

Just before my most recent visit to Lonjsko polje, Croatia’s greatest wetland landscape, in early October 2010 (for a Hidden Europe article), the area around Zagreb and Sisak and along the river Sava had recently been subjected to some of the worst floods in more than a quarter of a century. The floodplains of Lonjsko polje – into which part of the Sava’s flow is diverted as a flood defense measure – were at this time a quite spectacular, drowned world. Under such circumstances any walking route/exploration beyond the flood bank which lies north of the villages of Cigoc etc is impossible (at least, unless you happen to have a boat). The flood waters also swept away the wooden bridges on the short walking route south of Cigoc – and the remaining ones, I almost found to my camera gear’s cost, are far from stable. Check at the Lonjsko polje park information offices http://www.pp-lonjsko-polje.hr/Lonjsko_polje_english/Posjete_Info_Centar_en.htm if you’re planning a walk in the area – worth visiting even for the view from the flood barrier alone.

Lonjsko polje nature park in early October, after the floods of September 2010

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