RUDOLF ABRAHAM photography

Sunday market in Zarnesti, Transylvania

Two shots from the Sunday market in the small town of Zarnesti, near Piatru Craiului national park. In Zarnesti I was fortunate enough to stay with award-winning guide Danut Marin and his wife Luminita, who run a lovely guesthouse (with truly heavenly home-cooked meals) and wildlife and cultural tours in the surrounding mountains and further …

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Sighisoara, Transylvania

A quick visit to Sighisoara, Transylvania – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a lovely, atmospheric old town centre. Although Sibiu remains, for me at least, the most beautiful city in Transylvania…. The main square (Piata Cetatii) Orthodox cathedral Woman in doorway All photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

Junii parade, Brasov, Transylvania

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be in the small Transylvanian city of Brasov on the day of the annual Junii parade. Groups of men dressed in dazzlingly bright traditional costumes ride through the streets, accompanied by brass bands. As they stop the riders shout ‘Hristos a inviat!’ (Christ is risen!’), with the crowd shouting …

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Videk’s Shirt

Some shots from the truly wonderful ‘Videk’s Shirt’, a puppetry show by Tinka Slavicek and Leonie Dodd (with musical accompaniment by Alex Carter) at the Little Angel Theatre in Islington yesterday. Based on a 19th century Slovenian children’s story by Fran Levstik, Videk’s Shirt tells the story of little Videk, who has his one and …

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