Videk’s Shirt

Some shots from the truly wonderful ‘Videk’s Shirt’, a puppetry show by Tinka Slavicek and Leonie Dodd (with musical accompaniment by Alex Carter) at the Little Angel Theatre in Islington yesterday.
Based on a 19th century Slovenian children’s story by Fran Levstik, Videk’s Shirt tells the story of little Videk, who has his one and only shirt snatched away from him by the blustery Slovenian wind, and is helped to make a new one by a series of animals he meets. ‘My name is Videk, my shirt blew away….’
You can find out more about Tinka and Leonie (a.k.a. The Puppetellers) and their shows here.

Videk and the sheep

Leonie, Tinka & Alex

Tinka & Leonie. Videk feeds some nice grass to the sheep

Tinka, Leonie, Alex

Tinka setting up the next show, Little Red Hen

Setting up the next show, Little Red Hen

Alex and friend

Tinka’s husband Ivan takes a breather while helping to set up their next show (‘Hey, who are you calling a roadie…?!’)
All photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

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