Lofoten winter (2) – cod fishing season

Some more shots from Lofoten last month…. Winter is cod fishing season on the Lofoten islands, around which much of life on the islands revolves. After being unloaded from the boats, the fish is gutted and beheaded, sorted by weight, and either hung to dry on huge racks in the cold winter air (stockfish) or split open and salted before drying (klipfish), or sold fresh.
stockfish Lofoten cod Norway fishing NOlof_1402a
Unloading cod from a fishing boat in the village of Hamnoy
Norway stockfish cod fishing photo Lofoten NOlof_1418b
Unloading cod from a fishing boat
Norway travel writer photographer Lofoten NOlof_1480b
Gutting and beheading cod
Norway photography Lofoten NOlof_1353b
Sorting the fish by weight
Norway stockfish cod fishing photo Lofoten NOlof_1489c
Cutting out cod tongues (a local delicacy), a job usually undertaken by kids for some extra pocket money
Norway travel writer photographer Lofoten NOlof_1376
Cod heads…
Norway travel writer photographer Lofoten NOlof_1369
…and guts…
Norway travel writer photographer NOlof_1508
Cod (stockfish) hanging to dry in the village of A, near the Stockfish Museum
Norway travel writer photographer Lofoten NOlof_2031a
Cod (stockfish) hanging to dry (these ones are still fairly fresh)
Norway Arctic stock photography Lofoten NOlof_2023
Cod (stockfish) hanging to dry
Norway travel writer photographer fishing stockfish NOlof_2177a
Lone house and fishing boat
All images © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

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Barbra & Jack Donachy
12 years ago

I really like the photos of the cod on the racks. Much like the salmon racks up here in the Alaska bush, but on a much larger scale.

12 years ago

Love the cod pics. I am very much hoping to be going to Lofoten later on this year.

12 years ago

Gracias por pasar por mi sitio, has hecho que pueda conocer el tuyo, que me parece un sitio precioso, seguimos en contacto, saludos

David Hipperson
11 years ago

Rudolf, Liked “Cod Heads”, “Unloading” and “Lone house and fishing boat”. Must try a harbour fish market armed with the inspiration from your shots. People doing things. Difficult, but great when it works. Dave H

alessandro ciapanna
11 years ago

wow – great photo essay!

11 years ago

I like the last four pictures and the first one. They give me energie !

Zen and Genki
11 years ago

What a story you’ve told with your selection of images – wonderful, all around! What a pleasure to find!

11 years ago

A a beautiful selection of images.

Jim McKinniss
Jim McKinniss
11 years ago

You have some fine photos here. The one that strikes me the most is the fish heads in blood.