Sunday market in Zarnesti, Transylvania

Two shots from the Sunday market in the small town of Zarnesti, near Piatru Craiului national park. In Zarnesti I was fortunate enough to stay with award-winning guide Danut Marin and his wife Luminita, who run a lovely guesthouse (with truly heavenly home-cooked meals) and wildlife and cultural tours in the surrounding mountains and further afield – one of the absolute highlights of this, or I expect any other, trip to Transylvania. See Transylvanian Wolf for more details.

Selling flower bulbs it the Rroma-controlled area of large Sunday market in Zarnesti, Transylvania

Selling local honey at the large Sunday market in Zarnesti, Transylvania (pity about the blown out highlights, but couldn’t really ask the man to turn his stall around…!). For the record, the producer’s name is Lung Daniel; and honey from the wild flowers and meadows of the surrounding mountains is delicious….
All photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

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11 years ago

La segunda toma me encanta, los tarros (¿son miel?), ese cielo, y que hay en la parte superior derecha cables?, saludos

I love the second shot, jars (are honey?), The sky, and there in the top right cables?, Greetings

Zen and Genki
11 years ago

What a great post! And am quite enjoying perusing your blog 🙂
(Shot of the honey’s my fave)