A rainy day in Sibiu, Transylvania (2)

Here are a few more photos from lovely Sibiu.

Playing in the fountain on the main square, Piata Mare

Piata Mare from the Council Tower, with the Cindrel Mountains in the distance

Totem #1

Totem #2


A section of the old fortifications on the southeast side of the city centre, near the Powder Tower

Dog chasing cyclist
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6 thoughts on “A rainy day in Sibiu, Transylvania (2)”

  1. I LOVE THE DOG! They really know how to showcase their city. Very nice and mysterious photos I really see Transylvania through your images.

    1. ;~)
      this cyclist didn’t seem bothered, just continued at the same speed, smiling…
      …but i admit i also prefer cycling without dogs chasing me…
      thanks for visiting my blog

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