Protect the Arctic

Greenpeace LIVE: we’ve scaled and occupied Cairn’s Arctic rig:

Cairn Energy’s Leiv Eiriksson oil rig is currently on its way to Baffin Bay, Greenland, to begin deep sea drilling in the Arctic – a prospect Cairn Energy’s boss Bill Gammell has described as ‘like going to the casino’. Nice guy. Any oil spill in the area – like the recent BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico – would be catastrophic for wildlife, and because of the ice, weather and various other factors, very difficult (or even impossible) to clean up. And many argue that a spill – given the technical risks involved – is inevitable.

The Leiv Eiriksson is travelling to the Arctic over bank holiday/royal wedding weekend while most news is focused elsewhere. Please spread the word. Tweet/retweet using @greenpeaceuk and #arctic. Say no. Here are some photos to remind you why:

And see John Vidal’s article in the Guardian

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