Croatian miscellany #…?

Regular visitors to this blog will be familiar with the series of images entitled ‘Croatian Miscellany’ which I began posting last month. Well, for reasons which will become apparent further down this page, they have now gained their own ‘home’, which you can find at

Croatian Miscellany will be an ongoing and very personal portrait of Croatia – its people, traditions, festivals, landscape and cultural heritage – in somewhere around 100 images. It is not intended to be a collection of well-known sites and beautiful views -not that Croatia has any shortage of those – but rather a more intimate glimpse of places both on and off the beaten track, and into the daily life of a country that has fascinated me for the best part of the past 14 years. My hope is that the images from this project will, on its completion (if, that is, such photographic documents can ever be called ‘complete’), form the basis for a large-format photo book. This is the first time I’ve developed an idea for a book online, rather than pitching it direct to a publisher, then working on it when the contents have been agreed and contracts signed….

Thanks for all your encouraging comments and ‘likes’ so far – and I hope to see you all on A Croatian Miscellany sometime soon (you’ll have to excuse a little overlap with some, though not all, of the previous posts/images in this series, while I catch up to #12 again). And of course I will continue to post these and other images from Croatia here on this blog, along with other photos, just as before.



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Zen and Genki
11 years ago

Love all of the stone work – just gorgeous!