Alpe Adria Trail (1): Soča

The Alpe Adria Trail (AAT) is an epic, 750km hiking route through Austria, Slovenia and Italy, from the foot of the Grossglockner (at 3,798m, the highest peak in Austria and the Eastern Alps) to Muggia near Trieste on the Adriatic coast.
I was recently commissioned to write the first English-language guidebook to the AAT, so will be walking the whole route in several trips/sections over the next few months. Since I was in Zagreb last week anyway, I got the train over the border to Slovenia and did four stages there, in one of my favourite areas along the beautiful River Soča. Pictured here, dandelions beside the Soča at the lower end of the Soča gorge. Alpe Adria Trail, Triglav national park, Slovenia. © Rudolf Abraham

River Soca, Alpe Adria Trail, Triglav national park, Slovenia © Rudolf Abraham
Alpe Adria Trail, Slovenia © Rudolf Abraham

Nikon D700 & 14-24/2.8
Photo copyright © Rudolf Abraham. All rights reserved. Images may not be copied, stored, distributed or published in any form without prior written permission from Rudolf Abraham.
To license this image or view more images of the Alpe Adria Trail in Slovenia click here.

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8 years ago


alessandro ciapanna
8 years ago

Excellent shot, wonderful project. With 750 kilometers to hike, you have the work cut out for you for quite a while…

8 years ago

My favourite trail 🙂