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Rudolf’s blog emerges from rather a long period of hibernation, with some news. After many years of using Photoshelter for my photography archive, portfolio and for delivering images to clients, I now have a new photography website with Photodeck, at Here are a couple of screengrabs from the home page:


The url has changed from to a top level domain,, and the scope of its geographical coverage is mainly focused on Europe, in particular Central and Eastern Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Montenegro) which along with France, Italy and to a lesser extent the Baltic states are the main focus of my work anyway (so, there are fewer of my images from Patagonia here).

Why the change? Firstly, I was really impressed with Photodeck. Their websites are extremely easy to set up (the interface is rather different to Photoshelter, but once I’d got used to that I found it very intuitive), and it was a breeze shifting several dozen GB of images over from my Photoshelter archive via FTP. The home, gallery, image and portfolio pages look great (much better for viewing images full screen, and much nicer for progressing from one image to another), and are much more mobile-friendly and -responsive than the template I was using from Photoshelter, which frankly looked awful on a phone. Secondly, and very importantly, SEO using Photodeck sites is by all accounts much, much better than it is for Photoshelter sites – mine always tended to rank quite poorly (why this is I can’t say, but that was certainly my experience, and one of the main reasons Photodeck was recommended to me). There have been a few things I’ve been waiting for Photoshelter to change for years (such as improving SEO and mobile responsiveness), and they haven’t – although in all fairness I believe they are currently working on these and other improvements, and as an archive system Photoshelter is still incredibly good. (I still have the Photoshelter site and have no intention of closing it, but I’ve scaled it back slightly and now use my Photodeck site as my main archive and portfolio.)

You can visit Rudolf Abraham photography at

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