Walthamstow Wetlands (1)

Covering an area of 211 hectares, Walthamstow Wetlands in northeast London are one of the largest urban wetland areas in Europe, providing an extraordinarily rich habitat for birds and other wildlife. A SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and forming part of the Lee Valley RAMSAR Site (Wetland of Interational Importance), the 10 reservoirs of Walthamstow Wetlands were built during the second half on the 19th century, with work finishing in 1904, and were opened to the public in 2017. As well as being a threaded with walking and cycling paths, they act as the main water supply for aroud 3.5 million people. I’m lucky enough to live just 5 minutes walk from one of the main entrances to the wetlands.

This is High Maynard reservoir yesterday, with the Blackhorse Mills development project reflected in the late afternoon light.

You can see more images of Walthamstow Wetlands here.

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