Pula arena

The Roman amphitheatre in Pula, Istria, Croatia Built during the 1st century AD, Pula’s arena (as it is affectionately known in Croatia) is one of the six largest surviving Roman amphitheatres in the world, and is exceptionally well preserved – despite having been pillaged for building materials over the centuries (you’ll find some of its …

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Pula market

Two shots of Pula’s open market, in Istria, Croatia – the first selling goat’s cheese and yogurt, the second selling onions and fresh herbs. Photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

Croatian miscellany #11

Fragment of a 1st-2nd century AD Medusa found near Umag, now in the Temple of Jupiter in Pula. Istria, May 2012. Photo # Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

Istria images

Some photographs of Istria from recent and previous visits…. All images online @ http://photography.rudolfabraham.co.uk. The main square and the church of St Stephen, in the medieval hill town of Motovun, Istria, Croatia The medieval hill town of Draguc, used as a location in several Croatian and international films, Istria, Croatia The famous ‘Dance of the …

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