Icelandic interlude

A couple of shots from Egilsstadir in eastern Iceland (not so far, as it so happens, from Vatnajokull, the largest national park, and the largest glacier, in Europe) – to which we we unexpectedly diverted en route to the Faroe Islands, where the visibility was too low to land. But a night in Iceland is not to be sniffed at, particularly when it happens to be the part of Iceland you most want to visit; the entire crew on the Atlantic Airways ( flight were wonderful; and how many hotels can you think of where they’d bother to rustle up coffee and breakfast for an unexpected planeload of people when they had to leave to resume their journey at 4.15am local time ( Actually it was still several hours before we managed to get in to Torshavn on the Faroes this afternoon, through a temporary and very slight (very, very slight) easing in the clouds.

Icelandic horses, near Lagarfljot, Eglisstadir, eastern Iceland

Lagarfljot lake at Egilsstadir, eastern Iceland

Images copyright Rudolf Abraham; no unauthorized reuse.

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