Tamara in Croatia

A couple of pics of my lovely daughter Tamara in the village of Jovici, Croatia – with the help of some equally lovely late evening sunlight, and the awesome 14-24/2.8. Jovici is near Zadar, and Alfred Hitchcock did famously (well, famously for Croatiaphiles, at least) comment that Zadar had the most beautiful sunsets in the world….

Post-swim punk hairstyle

‘…and he was a beautiful butterfly’ (Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar)

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4 thoughts on “Tamara in Croatia”

    1. Thanks Laurence ;~)
      Back in London now, but hoping to go back later in the summer for Sinjska Alka. Planning trips to Norway and Northumberland.
      How about you, any trips lined up?

    1. Yes, saw the St Kilda blog post – looks/sounds like just the sort of place I’d like…!
      Hope your back improves soon.
      Btw, when’s your Cicerone guide due…?

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