Tamara in Croatia

A couple of pics of my lovely daughter Tamara in the village of Jovici, Croatia – with the help of some equally lovely late evening sunlight, and the awesome 14-24/2.8. Jovici is near Zadar, and Alfred Hitchcock did famously (well, famously for Croatiaphiles, at least) comment that Zadar had the most beautiful sunsets in the world….

Post-swim punk hairstyle

‘…and he was a beautiful butterfly’ (Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar)

Images copyright Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized reuse.

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12 years ago

Lovely photos of a lovely little girl. Are you still in Croatia?

Laurence Mitchell
12 years ago

Just back from St Kilda, Mingulay and other far UK outposts – I think you saw St Kilda blog. Still got a troubling back problem but when that’s sorted… who knows?