Zagreb street artists

A couple of shots taken while working on a feature on street art in Zagreb, Croatia earlier this year.

Croatian street artist Sretan Bor (left) and Ema Ema Ema from Belgrade (right), in Miron Milic’s studio in Medika, Zagreb

Croatian street artist Miron Milic in his studio in Medika, Zagreb
Both Sretan Bor and Miron Milic worked on the Museum of Street Art (MUU) project at Dugave, a neighbourhood or kvart in Zagreb, in September last year, along with other Croatian and international street artists including Phlegm and Janaundjs. Miron’s work also appears in MUU’s previous project, a wall painted with 450m of murals on Branimirova, a street near Zagreb’s main railway station. There are some other posts with images from Dugave and Branimirova here and here.
Photos © Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

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11 years ago

Loved your shots, Well taken! =)