Istrian interlude (2)

More images from my recent trip to Istria, Croatia, while working on the new guidebook, Istria. The Bradt Travel Guide.

Award-winning local beekeeper and honey producer Dario Vežnaver, in the medieval hill town of Oprtalj (Portole)

Oprtalj (Portole)

The dry bed of the River Mirna at Kotli, near Roč and Hum. It had been an exceptionally dry summer, with no rain for a couple of months – this would usually be a roaring stream. The wooden channel in the background leads to a restored watermill, though of course, there was no water.

Rock outcrop near the ruins of the medieval town of Dvigrad

Traditionally made goat’s cheese at Ranch Goli Vrh, near Buje

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11 years ago

Love the golden light and “feeling” in these series, Rudolf. And the tight composition with the window, and of course the big, fat cheese and the local drink – wine or maybe stronger?

11 years ago

Que bonitas tus fotografías!! la última invita a probar!

East of Elveden
11 years ago

Love the rock outcrop – it looks like a pair of hands reaching to the sky.

Zen and Genki
11 years ago

MMMMM, cheese!
(Love the colours in that first shot – beautiful!)