A few days ago I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina working on a feature about stecci, a distinctive type of medieval tombstones found in BiH. This image is from Radimlja necropolis, near Stolac, Bosnia & Herzegovina. © Rudolf Abraham.

Radimlja, Bosnia and Herzegovina, travel photography © Rudolf Abraham. All Rights Reserved.
Stecci, a distinctive type of Medieval tombstones found in Bosnia & Herzegovina, at Radimlja necropolis, near Stolac, Bosnia & Hercegovina. © Rudolf Abraham. All Rights Reserved.

Click here to license this image and for more photos of stecci in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
D700 + 14-24/2.8
Photo copyright © Rudolf Abraham. All rights reserved. Images may not be copied, stored, distributed or published in any form without prior written permission from Rudolf Abraham.

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9 years ago

Interesting as part of history. Since they are medieval that means they are from the Christian period of the country, from before the Turks invasion when the population had to convert? One of the ornaments looks like a cross.

9 years ago

Such beautiful stonework engraved on these masterpieces of history.

9 years ago

Love the pix!