PAW (week 1)

And so begins the PAW (photo-a-week) challenge on
And what is PAW, you ask? Simply a challenge, suggested by Joe McBroom, to post one ‘worthy’ photo a week on the Nikongear forum, for one year.
Week 1.
Actually, the last thing I expected to post for my first week of PAW, but here we go.

I don’t usually do product shots, but was writing a review of this water purifier for a magazine and needed a high res image in a hurry…. so a few minutes in the back garden with an old pack and a juniper bush as props resulted in this. D700 + 50/1.4G. Originally shot at f/1.4 to throw the pack/background out of focus more (as it is, anyone who knows their packs should be able to spot from the H20 label that this is a Berghaus pack, and the juniper is in danger of starting to look like a Christmas tree), but the writing wasn’t clear enough that way, so reshot at f/4, with a splash of water on the bottle itself.
Oh, and it’s a great little water purifier by the way. Watch out for the review in the next issue of Real Travel….
Image copyright Rudolf Abraham. No unauthorized use.

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