Lofoten islands (3)

A few more images from the Lofoten islands, Norway….
Sakrisoy, near Reine, with the mountains of Moskenesoya in the background, from Olenilsoy, Lofoten islands. Shot with the amazing old 16/3.5 fisheye on a D700.

Camping at Utakleiv, Lofoten islands

Derelict wooden building, built in the 1830s and once the home of the local lensmann (head of police), Fredvang, Lofoten islands

Norwegian nature photographer Bjørn Rørslett in Å, Lofoten islands

Polish artist Andrzej Krzysztofik with his paintings, in front of the Stockfish Museum at Å, Lofoten islands

Ghost gull

Lofoten sunset

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